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Setting New Standards

Always proactive, always listening, always moving forward – PROMA’s research and development team works closely with our customers and with the world’s top raw materials suppliers. This synergy allows PROMA to develop new and innovative products and technologies that excel beyond current industry standards and enables us to bring tomorrow’s technology to today’s products.

Below is a list of some of the Advanced Technologies PROMA offers in select products.

super priming technology

SUPER PRIMING TECHNOLOGY™ can ready nearly any surface for PROMA leveling underlayments, toppings and setting materials.

direct bond guarantee

Products with a DIRECT BOND™ Guarantee assures a bond to approved surfaces.

hydro gel

HYDRO GEL TECHNOLOGY™ provides an ultra-smooth and ultra-fine finish that requires no sanding.

stabilized technology

STABILIZED TECHNOLOGY™ minimizes movement and shrinkage during the curing process of self-leveling products for superior results.

corrosion guard

CORROSION GUARD™ contributes to the protection of reinforcing steel bar or steel-wire mesh.

calcium aluminate enhanced

CALCIUM ALUMINATE ENHANCED products create a pH barrier protecting adhesives and flooring and contribute to improved indoor air quality.

improving indoor air quality

Products with this logo have characteristics that improve indoor air quality compared to Portland cement-based products.

lightweight technology

LIGHTWEIGHT TECHNOLOGY™ products contain lightweight ingredients, such as glass aggregates, to provide unmatched non-sag and non-slump performance as well as being incredibly easy to mix and apply.

super setting technology

SUPER SETTING TECHNOLOGY™ offers advanced application characteristics, including extended open time, ultra-creamy consistency and exceptional mortar transfer.

fusion technology

FUSION TECHNOLOGY™ blends multiple key characteristics for the benefit of the end-user, including being stain-resistant, scratch-free and sag-free with exceptional color consistency and ease-of-maintenance.

fusion technology

SMART COLOR TECHNOLOGY™ produces a translucent chameleon effect that blends with the color of tile.

WATER-BEADING TECHNOLOGY™ provides a hydrophobic effect that offers superior resistance to water and oily stains.

rapid cure

RAPID CURE products provide high early strength, and dramatically reduced waiting time for maximum productivity.