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Ecological, Sustainable

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Transparency = Credibility

At PROMA, we have always understood the importance of offering products that are safe, sustainable, and friendly to the environment, while being open and transparent about their impact. The company has been a leader in this regard long before it was fashionable with over 15-years of published independent environmental analysis by the renowned auditor Vertima. This leading third-party certifier produces documents that verify the contribution of PROMA products to LEED®, WELL™ and other environmental organizations objectives and requirements. When a credible third-party can back up our claims, you can be confident that partnering with PROMA is the best and most responsible choice.

Ecological, Sustainable

PROMA formulates products using advanced ingredients with consideration to the environment and sustainability. Certain products even contain recycled materials, which divert waste from landfills and contributes to the conservation of natural resources. The percentage of recycled content in these products have been independently validated by Vertima.

Safer Conditions

PROMA products have been carefully designed to be safer for the applicator and building owner. We use nontoxic ingredients whenever possible, without compromising quality, that are less harmful, lower emitting (third-party certified by Intertek), and contribute to safer jobsites and finished spaces.

Responsible Packaging

PROMA is transitioning all powdered products to 100%-recyclable plastic packaging. Our revolutionary plastic technology uses less material than traditional bags, vacuum-seals products to the smallest size possible for greener transport and eliminates waste from seepage. The 100% recyclability of the plastic also lessens the need for new raw materials and reduces waste in landfills.

Green Building

Certain PROMA products and their multiple use characteristics, recycled content and low-VOC emissions can contribute toward attaining credit requirements within the LEED® (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) USGBC and CAGBC Rating Systems, and WELL™ (International WELL Building Institute) certification program. Products have achieved independent validation by the renowned environmental auditor Vertima. Letters of credit conformity can be provided upon request.

Environmental Data Sheet (EDS)

An EDS includes information about the environmental impact of a product or group of products and their contribution to green building initiatives, such as LEED® and WELL™. PROMA EDS documents have been prepared and independently verified by Vertima, a leading third-party certifier.

Health Product Declaration (HPD)

An HPD is a declared list of a product’s ingredients and their associated impact on health that contributes to objectives and requirements for LEED®, WELL™, and other green building certifications. PROMA HPD documents have been independently prepared by Vertima, a leading third-party certifier.

Low-Emitting Materials — Third Party Certification

The US Green Building Council (USGBC) adopted the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Standard Method for testing VOC emissions which is used for LEED® v4. Many PROMA products have been independently tested and certified by Intertek Clean Air Gold (a USGBC approved lab) to be compliant with ANSI/ BIFMA e3 standard credits 7.6.1, 7.6.2 and/or credit 7.6.3, which includes CDPH Standard Methods v1.1-2010 and v1.2-2017, as well as conformance to low-emitting materials for LEED®.