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Gianni Broggi – Founder              Eric James Broggi – President/CEO


Thirty years ago, a production specialist named Gianni Broggi had a vision to offer products that solved real-world problems facing the flooring industry, while delivering the personal service large manufacturers could no longer provide. On November 17th, 1993, PROMA was born.

The name PROMA comes from combining the first few letters of the words “Professional” and “Materials”.


PROFESSIONAL means performance suitable for trade specialists and quality that do-it-yourselfers can trust. It also describes the company’s character of unrivaled integrity, environmental responsibility, and service with a personal touch. At PROMA, we pride ourselves on being family owned and operated, and for extending that familial approach to our employees and customers. Which means, we stand with you before, during, and after the sale with an experienced support team ready to help every project go smoothly.


MATERIALS are what we offer for flooring installation, which includes: products for surface preparation, tile setting materials, grout products, finishing and care, and floor covering adhesives. PROMA’s research and development team works closely with professionals and suppliers to develop new and innovative materials that excel beyond current industry standards. Products that are safer to apply, with user-friendly characteristics, exceptional performance, long-lasting durability, and have minimal impact on indoor air quality and the environment. PROMA uses this synergy to help bring tomorrow’s technology to today’s materials, while solving real-world problems to advance the flooring industry.

Add to this combination numerous online and mobile tools to assist product selection; color-coded packaging with simple graphics that make application easy; competitive pricing; and unmatched dependability, and you soon discover why PROMA has quickly become the manufacturer of choice for flooring installation products in both Canada and the Northeast United States

And the future for PROMA has never appeared brighter. Under the direction of Eric James Broggi, the founder’s son, the company continues its unwavering commitment to his father’s vision, while investing in pioneering technology and environmental stewardship that is setting new standards for our industry now and in the years to come.

Discover the difference that our innovative solutions, superior quality, ecological responsibility, and personal service provides for flooring installation. At PROMA, we understand that your success is our success, and together, we can achieve the exceptional results needed for your projects to last, company to prosper, and customers to flourish.