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PROMA Total Quality System Warranty

We, at PROMA ADHESIVES INC., are proud to offer our customers the very best adhesives and surface preparation products the industry has to offer. Our quality raw materials are meticulously chosen for their high-performance characteristics and are then formulated and manufactured to produce products that will provide many years of trouble-free performance. Along with quality products, we are proud to offer a series of comprehensive extended warranty programs that guarantee the product system installed will be free of defects for periods of up to 25 years depending on the installation system, all of which must include the use of our surface preparation products (when required), adhesives and/or mortar systems and grouts. These products must be used jointly and exclusively with the full range of PROMA ADHESIVES INC. products as the complete and single source installation system.

Depending on products and systems, our extended quality warranty plan covers all interior and exterior residential and commercial installation systems, and guarantees that the tile or stone installation systems will be free of manufacturing defects and will not break down or deteriorate under normal usage for the time period specified, as long as all materials are mixed and used over clean, sound, properly prepared substrates in strict accordance with the generally recommended ANSI A108 standards procedures and with the respective PROMA ADHESIVES INC. product system specifications, setting instructions, shelf life limitations and technical data sheets requirements.

PROMA’s extended quality warranty covers all reasonable labor and material costs for the repair and/or replacement, at its discretion, on a per square foot (square meter) basis [including the cost of tile or stone not exceeding the original purchase cost per m2 (ft2)] of the sole portion of the installation proven to be defective during the warranty period due to a confirmed manufacturing defect of the PROMA ADHESIVES product system. It does not include costs, losses, and damages due to lateness, delays or other consequential damages.

This warranty does not cover industrial installations subject to chemical and mechanical abuse or improper selection of tile or stone. Warranty does not cover damages due to structural defects, substrate movements or deficiencies, hydrostatic and moisture conditions, tile, stone and grout cracking, lipping or shading or other damages due to deficient work procedures not in strict accordance with accepted trade standards and PROMA ADHESIVES’ instructions. Efflorescence, color variation and shading are normal conditions of all Portland cement mortars and grouts and will NOT be considered defective conditions.

This warranty is subject to specific terms and limitations as detailed in our official warranty documentation and does not apply if PROMA ADHESIVES products are used, mixed or associated with products from other manufacturers. PROMA ADHESIVES INC. requires the right to inspect the site before work begins and periodically during the execution of the tile work, as a condition for qualifying for extended warranty. Jobs in excess of 460 m2 (5,000 ft2) require preapproval.

PROMA ADHESIVES INC. representatives will gladly issue customized warranties to cover your specific jobs and/or requirements upon request.