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    Introducing PRO PRIME LP™ IMPROVED

    PRO PRIME LP IMPROVED is a new generation, highly-concentrated acrylic primer. Blue in color and transparent when dry, PRO PRIME LP IMPROVED is used for priming some substrates including well-prepared plywood, concrete surfaces, light-weight and gypsum-based surfaces, ceramic and quarry tile, cutback and adhesive residue and well-bonded VCT prior...

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    One Mortar, ONE Grout, ONE Product for All of Your Needs

    PRO GROUT™ ONE is an advanced professional-grade, ready-to-use premixed grout that delivers bright and superior color consistency combined with excellent stain resistance. PRO GROUT™ ONE can also be used to install mosaic tile sheets up to 300 x 300 mm (12″ x 12″) on floors and walls (refer to...

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