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Increased awareness and interest in the environmental and health impacts of buildings has led to widespread demand for safer products, and PROMA has led the way in the flooring installation products industry. Many of PROMA’s products have been formulated to have minimal impact on the environment, are safe to apply, and do not contribute to unfavorable jobsite conditions or adversely affect indoor air quality. Some also help contribute valuable points to LEED® certification, the accepted standard for Green Building in the construction industry.

Certain PROMA products and their multiple use characteristics, recycled content and low-VOC content can contribute toward attaining credit requirements of the Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation in Design categories within the LEED CanadaNC Rating System version 1.0 and 2009. PROMA can supply letters of LEED credit conformity for our products upon request. Products with an ECOLOGICAL and RESPONSIBLE logo are designed to provide a safer jobsite environment by being free of solvents, nonflammable, low-odor, and low in TVOCs.

PROMA is a proud and active member of the CANADA GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL and U.S. GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL, whose mission is to lead and accelerate the transformation to high-performing, healthy green buildings, homes and communities throughout Canada and the United States. PROMA products have been validated by a third party – Vertima (www.vertima.ca)

LEED Documents
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